Why clients love The PilatesBarre

“Our instructor, Skye, continues to provide excellent tuition and communication – giving us the best information to obtain the maximum benefit for each and every exercise. Skye strives to provide us with new challenges every week and caters for all ages and levels. It is most satisfying to remember how I started and what level I have now achieved. I also know that I am not the only one, as I am seeing happy familiar faces at every class, all of us there for the same reason to challenge ourselves and improve our shape and fitness”.

"SkyBarre is perfection! The best class I have EVER experienced. My mind and body are thanking me for finding this class"

"When I started Pilates with Skye twelve years ago I had no core strength. I love how her attention to
body mechanics creates challenges suitable for each client. I have since gained flexibility and aerobic
capacity to enable me to do the things I like to do for longer. When you reach your sixties the most
important thing you can do is physical activity and I look forward to meeting my pals at Skye’s
motivating classes every week at The Pilates Barre." 

"As a fulltime ballet student my body gets sore. Skye has taken the time to watch the way I move, identify the areas I need to strengthen, and explain to me how and why. I have attended workshops at The PilatesBarre to specifically to work on those areas, and Skye has given me exercises to do and always offers amazing advice to stay in the best shape I can. I really trust and respect Skye and cannot thank her enough for her help, and I am so please I can continue to work with her into the future to help me be the best ballerina I can be. Thank you Skye! Taihla K xox​

“Classes empowered my pregnancy experience by making me feel more in-tune with my body and stronger physically."

"Skye provides individual attention to everyone in class & I always leave feeling strong, calm & focused. PilatesBarre is the best workout I have found to shape my body."

"No matter what your level of fitness, PilatesBarre will change your body. I love the controlled technique of the class & Skye's expertise ensures everyone achieves their best results."

"PilatesBarre is not only fun, it gets results! Skye's passion for health & fitness is contagious & she works closely with each client to make sure they get the most of each workout."

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I went on to experience a much shorter labour and natural childbirth this time, one that required no drugs. I recommend Skye’s services to everyone as I believe she is the best in her field".

"The PilatesBarre is my home away from home, my happy place, the best part of my week, etc. It's the first place I've been to that makes exercising fun & leaves you wanting more - which is why you'll find me there after work, on the weekend & occasionally on my days off - even at almost 5 months pregnant! The wonderful instructors all manage to push your mental & physical limits while keeping the class fun & usually full of giggles. They genuinely care about everyone reaching their full potential each class & I haven't seen them come across an injury/condition that they can't modify techniques around so that every person can be fully involved. In short, the PilatesBarre is a truly judgement-free, one of a kind place that I just can't speak of highly enough. Once you've experienced the Barre & met all the wonderful Barre Babes, there's no other place you'd rather be to make a happier, healthier you "  Naomi x

"3 years ago I started a journey that would bring me back to being the healthiest, happiest and best version of me. At the barre I found variety, friendship, strength, guidance and confidence again, all things I had lost and struggled to find for years. Each term brings a new challenge, focus or goal. There is continual guidance of highly professional instructors pushing your limits, challenging your mind and body past it's comfort zone, ensuring correct techniques and maximum results. I can't talk the PilatesBarre without mentioning the BarreTribe- a gorgeous group of likeminded, supportive, inspirational woman that I train alongside. It feels like extended family now! I feel so blessed to have found somewhere that I look forward to going to each week- the PilatesBarre really is a special place! " Alannah x

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