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The Core Beyond Birth Prenatal Program sessions are fun and supportive in a relaxed environment to allow you to connect with your changing body and growing bub.

Movement is incredibly important during each stage of pregnancy and it is essential you have specialist prescribed advice to suit your needs. 

Safe modifications are important to reduce pregnancy complications such a low back and SIJ pain, pelvic girdle pain and prevent abdominal separation.

Each class is designed to nurture you throughout your pregnancy, with expert instruction and educational discussions about labour and birthing. 

With a Pilates inspired workout, you will feel confident and prepared for birth.

Exercise prescription is aimed to maintain overall strength and fitness levels with a direct focus on hip stability and pelvic floor function.

Why is exercise important, and how can Pilates assist my pregnancy?

  • Reduced stress on weight bearing joints and musculoskeletal structure

  • Stronger pelvic floor muscles 

  • Improved circulation 

  • Relaxation techniques in preparation for childbirth

  • Calm the nervous system and improve sleep

  • Relax, rejuvenate and reduce anxiety

  • Reduce back pain and leg cramps

  • Deeper, easier breathing


“Prenatal classes empowered my pregnancy experience by making me feel more in-tune with my body and stronger physically."
“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I went on to experience a much shorter labour and natural childbirth this time, one that required no drugs. I recommend Skye’s services to everyone as I believe she is the best in her field".

        " I am a new Mum and I attended prenatal pilates with Core Beyond Birth throughout my pregnancy, as well as Barre, Pilates and Fusion classes. I have returned to classes 8 weeks after my c-section delivery. Attending classes at The Pilates Barre is the highlight of my week. The Barre has played a crucial role in my transformation into a new Mum.

It is comforting to know I am in safe hands with Skye who has trained me through my pregnancy and recovery. I am weeks in to my return and already feeling and seeing results and I am confident that Skye will help me recover as quickly as possible in a safe and efficient way."

For high risk pregnancies, a doctors letter is required, please contact Skye prior to classes to ensure safe adjustments are available for you.


WARNERS BAY Prenatal Programs

AUGUST 4th- Tuesday 6:30pm (full)

SEPTEMBER 28th- Monday 5:30pm

OCTOBER 13th- Tuesday 6:30pm 


Rehabilitation, Corrective Exercise and special considerations for Postpartum women experiencing Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (leaks, tightness, and prolapse), Diastasis Recti, SI Joint Pain, and Low Back Pain.

Are you ready to discover your Core Beyond Birth and build your strength back into high-intensity exercise.


for Mums and Bambinos up to 2 years

Abdominal and pelvic floor assessment will be made prior to joining program

OCTOBER- Tuesday 10am 

Review from Meg, 2020.

The primary reason I went to the postpartum course, was that post birth I had been really struggling with engaging my core and lifting up my pelvic floor. When I attended, I was almost 18 weeks postpartum. 


I found that my problem was that in my mind I knew what I wanted to do but my body wasn't following through with it. As soon as I tried to engage it would let go, it was like the connection between my brain and muscles was lost- it was very upsetting/frustrating as I had done so much work through Pilates pre pregnancy and during pregnancy to ensure my muscle memory would be there.  

During the postpartum course, we went through exercise to re train our brains on how to engage again. It was taught by reversing everything I had been taught in Pilates (I found it extremely challenging), by breathing into our pelvic floor instead of lifting it up and breathing out into our core.  By breathing into the pelvic floor it wired my brain to know where and what it should be doing. I took this exercise and continued to do it outside of the class, it did take a week or two but it re taught me how to lift my pelvic floor and not bear down. 


With the birth of my son, it was a bit traumatic at the end where I had a significant tear. I had been attending pelvic floor physio since 6 weeks postpartum and although the tear had healed well, I was still having a considerate amount of pain around my tail bone, almost to the point where I wasn't able to sit for longer than 10 mins before it was unbearable and to stand after sitting was an immense pain.  It was really impacting my life as I have a job where I sit down, I wasn't really able to sit on the ground to play with my son and I wasn't able to move very much. 

Skye knew I had been having this problem through our classes and gave me a few exercises to relieve some pressure during our course. This has been a game changer for myself,  by completing a simple exercise with my legs rested on an exercise ball/lounge and lift my pelvis/glutes and after one set the discomfort was almost gone. I still to this day do this regularly as I still have some pain when sitting down for long periods. 


For me being able to fix those two things help me immensely, the sore tailbone would have almost broken me had the pain not gone away. I thank Skye for listening to my body problems and being able to come up with exercises to help. The course was amazing and as you can tell it really, really helped me post birth!  I'll be back after baby number 2 !!

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