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Where do I start?

You have been told you need Pilates in your life, so how do you get started. Email Skye hello@thepilatesbarre.com.au and tell her a little about yourself and why you want to start. She will suggest the best course of action to suit your needs and goals. You may require a private session, or book straight into a class. She will help you to understand the fundamentals of posture, alignment and correct core activation. If its cardio, strength and sculpting the body of a dancer you are after, then go ahead and join into a Fusion or Dance class. And if time is a problem, or you have little ones at home, jump onto a Zoom class.


How do I book classes?

Download our convenient custom app and you can book, cancel and purchase classes.


Please be mindful of your cancellation policy, if you schedule your bookings and can no longer attend, please cancel out of your session. Late cancel fees may apply for failure to cancel your place in the class.


 What do I wear to The Barre? 

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely, and ensure it is appropriate for the session you are attending.

Grip socks are required for ALL Pilates, Barre, FusionBarre & Movement classes. You will need joggers for ALL Bounce & DanceBarre sessions. Grip socks can be purchased from the boutique for $20.

 What do I need to bring?

All mats and equipment are supplied. For hygiene, please remember to bring a towel to cover your mat. Bring your water. Environmentally friendly disinfectant and clean cloths are available to wipe down any equipment.

 What do I need to do when I arrive?

Please allow 5 minutes before the start of the class ready to start. Please inform your PB Instructor of any current or previous injuries, and any concerns you have about the session.

 How often should I attend classes?


PilatesBarre methodology recommends 2-3 classes per week, blending Pilates, Dance Cardio and Strength.

We do recommend you commit for the entire Term, with regular attendance you will see the changes in your body from following our methodology.

 I have a pre existing injury, what classes can I take?

We specialise in safe and effective exercise program. Please contact the Team- hello@thepilatesbarre.com.au with details of your injury to ensure we make the correct recommendations for you. As we design the classes, we can modify each and every movement for our beauties.

 I am pregnant, which classes are best for me?

Congratulations! What an exciting time for you and your family xo

With extensive certifications in Pre and post natal care, you are welcome to attend most of the classes on our timetable. Please make contact with us if you are high risk or have any concerns about exercise during pregnancy. We can work closely with your medical professional for the best care throughout this wonderful journey.

 Can I use Fitness Passport or Caretrac?

We are a boutique health studio, offering innovative classes with personal attention in small group sessions. We cannot provide these programs available to large volume fitness centres and  gyms.

 What is the Cancellation policy?

Due to small class sizes and popularity of our boutique classes, ALL bookings require a 6 hour cancellation notice.

Private sessions, workshops and corporate classes require 24 hour cancellation notice.

Cancellations are accepted via email ONLY.

Failure to attend a scheduled class, or cancel within 6 hours of start time, will forfeit fees for this class.

 Anything else?

If we have missed something important, please contact The Team via email- hello@thepilatesbarre.com.au

We look forward to meeting you at The Barre

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