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"I am grateful everyday for the Pilates Barre. It has been a life changing place for me. I was someone who dreaded exercise and was often full of excuses. My self esteem was low, I had no core strength and quite poor posture. I was the heaviest I had ever been after my second child. I knew I wanted to be a fit and healthy mum, but I had no clear direction.

I remember walking nervously into my first class at the Pilates Barre. I had never participated in any dancing classes or pilates before. I was greeted with warmth and support. I used muscles that had been forgotten and was happy and excited to do so! I left my first class smiling and inspired. I knew I would return."

“Classes empowered my pregnancy experience by making me feel more in-tune with my body and stronger physically."

"Skye provides individual attention to everyone in class & I always leave feeling strong, calm & focused. PilatesBarre is the best workout I have found to shape my body."

"No matter what your level of fitness, PilatesBarre will change your body. I love the controlled technique of the class & Skye's expertise ensures everyone achieves their best results."

"PilatesBarre is not only fun, it gets results! Skye's passion for health & fitness is contagious & she works closely with each client to make sure they get the most of each workout."

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I went on to experience a much shorter labour and natural childbirth this time, one that required no drugs. I recommend Skye’s services to everyone as I believe she is the best in her field".

~Master Trainer~Movement Motivator~Twin Mumma~

Corrective Exercise Specialist and Pilates Instructor, Skye Simmington, is a veteran of the Movement Industry with over 25 years’ experience.

Her passion for movement and lifelong love for dance began in her three-year-old ballet classes. Skye spent 10 years studying the Royal Academy of Dancing Syllabus under Tess Maunder OAM and Marie Walton-Mahon.

After experiencing many injuries during her dance career, she developed a desire to understand prevention and ultimately longevity in a dancers life which led to qualifications and extensive training in Health Science, Remedial Therapy, and Sports Medicine.


Pursuing her interest in womens health and Prenatal care, Skye studied Anatomy and Human Reproductive Biology through both Newcastle and Charles Sturt Universities, developing a prenatal program in 2008 to assist thousands of Hunter women in their beautiful birthing story and postnatal recovery.

Skye invites you to join her classes to silence your mind, move your body, and open your heart. Her classes are not all about the Workout, but based on the therapeutic value and purpose behind each prescribed movement to enhance your overall well-being.


Courtney trained in Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theatre and National Character at the National College of Dance by Marie Walton-Mahon, Debbie Ellis Linnert.

As part of her Royal Academy of Dance training, Courtney undertook years of pilates classes, which complemented her Classical Ballet technique. Courtney completed the accelerated HSC Dance course at age 15, performed many musicals, completed a dance study tour in New York, performed at the Australian Dance Awards and various other times at the Sydney Opera House for dance competitions.

Courtney loves the PilatesBarre because it creates an environment within which people are actually excited to exercise. Courtney is particularly focused on improving flexibility, posture, strength and confidence as she believes anyone can move and dance!


Lindsey fell in love with yoga over 20 years ago and started teaching 6 years ago and holds a Diploma of Yoga Studies (500 hours).

Lindsey finds a way to make yoga work for you offering a grounded class with freedom to explore your breath and the yoga postures. Expect some quiet time and a journey inwards ending with a guided relaxation pose at the end of class.


Lindsey believes yoga is for the mind and the fun yoga shapes are just the icing on the cake.

Her favourite yoga quote is from the grandfather of yoga, Krishnamacharya, “if you can breathe you can do yoga.”

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