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We have created Specialised Programs for Women to Workout with Confidence.

Our functional movement classes will inspire and motivate you to move freely while shaping your body with safe and effective exercises.

We pride ourselves on offering fun and challenging sessions with serious results, all under the watchful eye of our highly educated and experienced team.

Keep fit during your pregnancy with our safe and effective Core Beyond Birth workouts designed just for Mummies to be.

The PilatesBarre have taken the average Barre Class to the next level with our exclusive FusionBarre workout.

Barre meets Reformer in this high energy, stamina building session. With fast transitions and constant core engagement, you will be sweating in the first few minutes.​


​You will work every part of your body with a fusion of cardio, strength and flexibility.

With continuous movement patterns and inspiring tunes, you will leave your FusionBarre class feeling confident and empowered.

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